Designed for people with dementia, Jelly Drops are a fun and easy way to stay hydrated!


We are working with/looking to partner with a number of organisations to make Jelly Drops as suitable for as many people as possible (e.g. diabetics, vegans, people with dysphagia). If you sign up to the relevant mailing list we can keep you updated on our progress.


Want to know when Jelly Drops are ready to order?

Unfortunately Jelly Drops aren’t available to buy yet as they’re still in development. If you want to know when they’re ready follow the link below.

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Are you a care home interested in trialling?

If you would like to enquire about trialling Jelly Drops in your care home please follow the link below.

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Interested in how Jelly Drops’ is getting on?

If you would like to help Jelly Drops’ business development or have general questions please follow the link below.

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We hope to have Jelly Drops available early next year!

In the meantime perhaps you could make a very basic version by creating a firm jelly with hydration fluid, and presenting it in a treat box. This would only be suitable for people that have the ability to swallow.


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